Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Inflammatory Bowel Disease or IBD is a group of disorders that cause chronic inflammation in the large intestine. As per Ayurveda, it happens due to improper dietary habits leading to issues in the digestive system. This system of medicine approaches IBD holistically and focuses on improving the overall quality of life besides alleviating the condition. Keep reading to know more about why Ayurveda is effective in helping treat IBD and how you can use this holistic science to provide relief to yourself.

Vijaya Help in IBS

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a disorder that affects the large intestine. It is characterized by severe abdominal pain and inflammation and comes with various other adverse symptoms like diarrhea, fatigue, constipation, bloating, gas, etc.

Many patients suffering from it have started resorting to Vijaya to get relief. It quickly acts on the gastrointestinal system to reduce pain and inflammation and help with IBS along with its symptoms. Find out more in this article about why Vijaya helps with IBS treatment, what studies say, and how you can leverage its potential for yourself.

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