Kameshwar Modaka

'Kameshwar Modaka' is highly potent and time tested herbal formulation for increasing human performance, stamina and endurance.

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Kameshwar Modaka

Therapeutic Benefits of Kameshwar Modaka

The reliance of Ayurvedic physicians on this formulation that has the wonder herb of 'Bhanga' or 'Cannabis' makes it a drug of choice to re-energize the sexual life of their health seekers.

endurance and performance

Improve endurance and performance

Aphrodisiac and treats Long term debility

Acts as an Aphrodisiac and treats Long term debility

premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and loss of libido

Treats premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and loss of libido

Treats Low muscle strength

Treats Low muscle strength

vitality, vigour and increases stamina

Enhances vitality, vigour and increases stamina

Medical Composition Each 5g of 'Kameshwar Modaka' contains

  • Amalaki | Fruit

    Emblica officinalis

    43.8 mg

  • Saindhav

    Rock salt

    43.8 mg

  • Kushta | Roof

    Sassurea lappa

    43.8 mg

  • Pippali | Fruit

    Piper longum

    43.8 mg

  • Sunthi | Rhizome

    Zingiber officinale

    43.8 mg

  • Yavani | Fruit

    Trachyspermum ammi

    43.8 mg

  • Ajamoda | Seeds

    Apium leptophyllum

    43.8 mg

  • Yasthi madhu | Roots

    Glycerrhiza glabra

    43.8 mg

  • Jeeraka | Seeds

    Cuminum cymnium

    43.8 mg

  • Dhanyaka | Fruits

    Coriandrum satvium

    43.8 mg

  • Krishna Jeeraka | Seeds

    Carum carvi

    43.8 mg

  • Karchura | Rhizome

    Curcuma zeodaria

    43.8 mg

  • Karkatashringi | GI

    Pistacia integerrima

    43.8 mg

  • Vaca | Rhizome

    Acorus calamus

    43.8 mg

  • Nagakeshara | Stem

    Mesua ferrea

    43.8 mg

  • Talisha Patra | Leaves

    Abies webiana

    43.8 mg

  • Elattaria | Seeds

    Elattaria cardamomum

    43.8 mg

  • Tvak | Stem bark

    43.8 mg

  • Patra | Leaves

    Cinnamomum tamala

    43.8 mg

  • Maricha | Fruit

    Piper nigrum

    43.8 mg

  • Haritaki | Fruit

    Terminala chebula

    43.8 mg

  • Bibhitaka | Fruits

    Terminala belerica

    43.8 mg

  • Bhanga | Leaves

    Cannabis Sativa


  • Karpura | Sub Ext

    Cinnamoum camphora

    43.8 mg

  • Tila | Seeds

    Sessamum indicum

    43.8 mg

  • Sharkara (Cane Sugar)

    2 mg

  • Madhu (Honey)

    440 mg

  • Ghrita (Clarified Butter)

    440 mg

Mechanisms of Action

CAUTION: Schedule E-1 drug. To be taken only under medical supervision

The Endocannabinoid system through the binding of receptors in the paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus which regulates the erectile function and sexual behaviour of males, improve sexual function in patients affected by conditions or symptoms such as depression, anxiety disorder and pain Both animal & human studies, reported a peripheral effect of Cannabis on ED, specifically on the corpus cavernasum where cannabinoid receptors are present Cannabis enhances the subjective experience of sexual intercourse while potentially contributing to ED in a dose-dependent manner.

Pathya (Preferred Diet)

Diet: Cow Milk & Ghee, processed Chaach (Buttermilk with Jeera or as advised by the physician), nutritious, healthy, freshly prepared and easily digestible meals.

Lifestyle: Regular body workout as per the body strength, Drink warm water throughout the day, and Early dinner.

Apathya (To be Avoided)

Diet: Excessive Spicy, Cold, Dry, Reheated, Junk and Heavy to digest meals.

Lifestyle: Exposure to a dry and hot environment, Late night dinner and improper sleep

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